Best Trees for Attracting Deer | How to Plant a Deer Orchard

Best Trees for Attracting Deer

Some of the best trees for attracting deer to your property are fruit trees. To make your property stand out from neighboring land, entice the deer with something sweet like fall fruit. The most common fruit trees planted for this purpose are Apple Trees, Pear Trees, and Persimmons. If you plant either of these trees in your yard, the White Tail Deer will flock to your plot of land. Deer love to feast on nutritious food sources such as fruit which provides them the energy to frolic in the forest.

Three of The Best Trees for Attracting Deer

Apple Trees

Apples are rich in sugars, starch, and fats which improves the deer’s digestion. This will allow the deer to eat more frequently as they attain proper nutrition in preparation for the coming winter. Deer are quite fond of the sweet flavor of apples and will track down the nearest orchard.

Apple Trees prefer the cool fall temperatures of northern climates and do very well above the Mason Dixon line. A single apple tree can produce up to 250 pounds of fruit each season. By planting a mix of species, you can extend the fruit bearing season. Centennial, Rome, and Liberty Apple Trees blossom early in the fall. While Honeycrisp, Goldrush, and York Apples ripen later in the season.

Pear Trees

Pear trees require very little maintenance, as compared to other fruit trees. They bear succulent fruit each year with very little pruning required. To keep the deer coming back to your yard for more, plant a variety of pear species to extend the fruit bearing season. Another good tip for Pear Trees is to plant them near a bed of clover. The nitrogen enriched soil will help to nourish the Pear Trees and help them flourish.

Some of the more popular pear tree varieties, and those that are the best trees for attracting deer include; Anjou, Shenandoah, and Burford. Extend the season by planting Trophy and Gallaway Pear Trees.


Persimmons are a great choice for southern climates and thrive well in zones 8 through 11. The best place to plant Persimmons is along the forest edge. While they won’t bear fruit for the first 5 years after planting, they will continue to produce fruit for up to 50 years beyond that. Some Persimmons will produce ripe fruit as early as August and continue producing through December. The deer will enjoy the long feeding season.

To learn more about the best trees for attracting deer, and how to safely cover your tree stakes get in touch with the Stake Safe Team.