The Dangers of Using Metal Tree Stakes

metal tree stakes

We see Metal Tree Stakes in use every day, and are often oblivious to the dangers they may create. When replanting young trees, Metal Tree Stakes are frequently used to support the undeveloped trees until they have become established in their new environment.

Tree staking is a common practice. What we sometimes fail to realize, is that this solid metal object protruding from the ground poses a serious hazard to our children, our pets, and wildlife. Most metal tree stakes are generally dark in color and can be very difficult to see. The end of the tree stake itself is often sharp or features metal burrs that can easily cut exposed flesh.

Avoid Injuries and Cover Metal Tree Stakes

One of the most common injuries from metal tree stakes, is the result of small children playing in city parks, or even playing within their own backyard. When kids are engaged in a game of soccer, baseball, or football, they are unaware of the metal tree stakes and are usually more focused on the game at hand. Kida can run directly into the metal tree stakes and can easily cut their arms or legs. In extreme cases a falling child can become impaled on the stake itself.

Tiny tots are not immune from the dangers of metal stakes either. Young children today still play the age-old game of tag, just like we did when we were young. While chasing each other around in your backyard they are exposed to the hazards associated with the use of metal stakes.

Injuries from tree stakes can range from a simple bruise to deep cuts that require medical attention including sutures. Your unwanted trip to the local emergency room will likely also include a tetanus shot. If you fail to receive proper medical attention when injured from contact with a metal tree stake, you may contract a tetanus bacterial infection. The tetanus bacteria are very common and can be found in soil, dust, water, and manure. You are very likely to become infected with the bacteria with just a small puncture wound or scratch from coming in contact with a metal tree stake.

Children can also be injured by the wire ties which extend from the metal tree stakes to the tree itself. These razor thin wires, which can be very difficult to see, are very often installed at dangerous elevations, just 3 or 4 feet off the ground. A running child can be struck in the throat causing potentially life threatening injuries.

So, what can you do to eliminate the hazard and make your backyard, park, or playground a safer place for your kids and pets? Stake-SAFE, has developed an innovative solution. The Stake-SAFE kit features 2 Stake-SAFE caps to cover your dangerous T-posts, as well as 2 Wire Safety Covers to encapsulate exposed wire or rope.

You will find the Stake-SAFE solution in use around the country in playgrounds, sports fields, schools, parks, and on farms. Stake-SAFE offers individually package stake covers and a complete tree staking kit.

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