Fruit Trees that Thrive in Planting Zones 3 & 4 and Bear Fruit

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Several types of fruit trees thrive in planting zones 3 & 4. While the temperatures are relatively cool in zones 3 & 4, both zones are well suited for growing a variety of fruit trees. The extreme winter temperatures in Zone 4 is can range from minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit to minus 30 degrees. The winter lows in zone 3 can be even colder reaching temperatures as cold as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. These extreme low temperatures can simply be too cold for many tree species, while others will flourish.

Some popular fruit trees that grow well in Zones 3 & 4 include most plum trees, apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees, and apricot trees. Crabapple trees also grow very well in planting Zones 3 & 4. The lists below include some of the more popular trees for these areas. A word of caution though; you need to check with your local horticulturalist to see which varieties of fruit trees will actually bear fruit in your specific area. It’s one thing to survive the cold winter, it’s quite another to be warm enough in the growing season for the trees to flower.

Planting Tips for Fruit Trees

Planting: Keep the root system moist during the planting process. Don’t let the root ball dry out in the heat of the sun. Resist the urge to overfertilize at the time of planting as this can damage the small, developing roots.

Staking: Newly planted fruit trees must be staked. Otherwise the wind passing through the head of the tree will loosen the root ball as the root-hairlets try to take hold in the soil.

Mulching: Apply mulch in a 24-inch diameter circle around the base of the tree. The mulch itself shouldn’t make direct contact with the tree trunk.

Gallery of Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees for Planting Zones 3 & 4

The list below consists of the most popular fruit trees grown in planting zones 3 & 4. While these may be the most common fruit trees found in these zones, we urge you to consult your local lawn and garden center to find out which trees are best suited for your local area.

Apple Trees:

  • Granny Smith
  • Golden Delicious
  • Grand Gala
  • Honeycrisp
  • Oriole
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Keepsake
  • Early Harvest
  • Lodi

Cherry Trees:

  • Emperor Francis Sweet Cherry
  • North Star Pie Cherry
  • Evans
  • Meteor
  • Mesabi
  • Carmine Jewel (Dwarf Tree)

Plum Trees:

  • Cherry Plum
  • Damson Plum
  • Redheart Plum
  • Santa Rosa Plum
  • Superior
  • Black Ice

Pear Trees:

  • Cabot
  • Ure
  • Clark

Apricot Trees:

  • Adirondack Gold
  • Harglow Apricot
  • Robada Apricot
  • Wilson Delicious Apricot
  • Manchurian

To learn more about the proper method for planting fruit trees and how to safely cover your tree stakes, get in touch with the Stake Safe Team.