How Many Tree Stakes Should I Use to Secure a Newly Planted Tree

How many tree stakes are needed

When planting new trees in your yard it is very important that you secure them with Stake-Safe Tree Stakes and Safety Ties until the trees roots have taken hold. One of the most common questions asked is, “how many tree stakes should I use when I plant my new trees?” This can vary depending on the planting conditions and the type of tree, but the safest measure is to use 4 tree stakes equally spaced at 90 degrees around the tree. Another common configuration is the installation of 3 tree stakes anchored equally 120 degrees apart.

If you live in an area with predominate winds from one direction such as a coastal property, you may get by with just 2 tree stakes. In this case place the 2 stakes 90 degrees apart on the windward side of the tree. In either case, it is important to install the stakes in a safe manner. You can see the “do’s” and “don’ts” on our Stake-Safe Installation page.

When to Use Safety Stakes & How Many Tree Stakes are Needed

In many cases, a healthy tree with a sturdy trunk and a robust root system may be planted without the use of tree stakes. This assume you take the proper steps when planting your tree such as digging the proper size hole. If you properly prepare the planting area there is no need to stake evergreen trees, conifers, and other trees that have low lying branches that are close to the ground.

The list below includes conditions where tree stakes are needed. Let’s take a look at how many tree stakes are needed for these situations.

Bare Root: When planting a tree with a small root ball or completely bare roots, you need tree stakes to hold the tree upright until the roots take hold to the new soil. Use 3 or 4 Stake-Safe tree stakes.

High Traffic Areas: When planting trees in high traffic areas you should use 4 tree stakes to keep pedestrians away from the tree.

Top Heavy Trees: All top-heavy trees should be secured with 4 tree stakes, regardless of the predominant winds.

Loose Soil: When planting trees in loose soil use 3 or 4 tree stakes.

Delicate Trees: Delicate trees such as Acacia Trees, Eucalyptus Trees and Oleander Trees require 3 or 4 tree stakes regardless of soil conditions.

Tree Staking Tip:

Use a soft material such as canvas or Stake-Safe Straps to protect the tree bark. Keep a little slack in the ties so the tree can move slightly in the wind. This will promote root growth.

To learn more about how many tree stakes to use when planting new trees, and how to safely cover your tree stakes get in touch with the Stake Safe Team.