Recycling Christmas Trees | Best Ways to Dispose of Trees After Christmas

Recycling Christmas Trees

Recycling Christmas Trees after the holidays has become more and more popular in recent years. I’m not certain what families did with their trees in the past, but I don’t seem to recall anyone recycling Christmas trees in my neighborhood when I was growing up. It was more like the photo above with a Christmas tree stuck in the trash can and headed to the landfill. The world has become much more ergo-friendly now and recycling is the way to go.

If you are still pondering what to do with your old Christmas tree, we have complied a few suggestions on how you can repurpose your tree and put it to good use. Do your part to help the environment.

5 Ideas for Recycling Christmas Trees

Wooden Coasters

This is one of my favorites, while it won’t use up much of the tree, who doesn’t like a homemade wooden coaster. The kids will enjoy this craft as well. After removing the branches, simply slice the trunk into ½” thick sections using a miter saw. Let the wooden discs dry out for about a week to allow the residual sap to ooze out. Then use a thin twine or wire to hang the discs over a sheet of carboard. Coat the coasters with lacquer and let them dry.

Recycling Christmas Trees into Coasters

Create a Fish Habitat

Small fish need a place to hide from larger predators. Fallen branches along the edge of a pond or small lake create these natural hiding places. You can help their cause by placing your discarded tree in the shallow waters along the shore. As algae begins to form on the tree, smaller fish will come to feast. Just be sure your tree was not treated with any chemicals that could be harmful to the environment.


The most common method for recycling Christmas Trees is to turn them into mulch or compost. Both the pine needles and the woodchips will help to keep the other trees in your yard healthy during the long winter months. Both are full of nutrients that your trees need.

Recycling Christmas Trees Mulch


Most evergreens contain much more sap than hardwood trees, so you shouldn’t really burn them indoors in your fireplace. But if you enjoy camping, cut up your Christmas tree to use as firewood. Or you can have a little bonfire in your backyard after the holidays. Invite your neighbors and make it into a party to celebrate the new year.

Recycling Center

As a last resort you can take your tree to a local recycling center. They already have a plan in place for recycling Christmas trees each year. This is a far better option than sending your tree to a landfill. The recycling center will more than likely turn your trees into mulch and put it to good use in the neighborhood parks.

To learn more about the best options for recycling Christmas trees and how to safely cover your tree stakes when planting next year’s Christmas tree, get in touch with the Stake Safe Team.