Steel T-Posts vs Metal Stakes What is the Difference

Steel T-Posts

Are Metal Stakes and Steel T-Posts the same thing?

While many people refer to Steel T-Posts simply as metal posts or steel stakes, there are many other variations of metal stakes and posts that are not necessarily T-Shaped but equally as dangerous. Of course, traditional Steel T-Posts are easily identified by looking at the stake from the top or end of the stake and observing the “T” shape. If you were to take the time to cut a Steel T-Post in half with a saw, or better yet cut a thin ¼” slice; the cross section of the piece you cut off the stake would look just like the letter “T”. Okay, I agree that’s far too much information to simply state the obvious!

Other common shapes for metal posts include a heavy duty “U” shape, a light gage “C” shape, and a formed metal “V” shape. Landscapers also utilize conventional rebar, standard metal pipe, ordinary tent pegs, and round metal rods to secure newly planted trees. For the safety of both pets and people, the top of each and every one of these types of stakes should be covered with Metal T-Post Safety Caps. You can buy the Stake-SAFE covers here.

When Steel T-Posts are used as even a temporary measure they create a physical hazard. This is true even if the tree is planted in your own backyard. While the Tree Swallow in the photo above seems to be enjoying his newly discovered perch, it’s not the safest thing for young children. When your kids play their favorite games like tag & hide and seek they usually run full speed across your yard with little or no regard for the surrounding environment. One slip, trip, or fall and they can be seriously injured if they happen to land on your unprotected steel T-Posts. Don’t take backyard safety for granted

While Steel T-Posts are one of the most common stakes used in the support of young, newly planted trees; virtually all other types of metal stakes are equally as dangerous for small children, family pets, and wildlife, and should be protected as well. Here are some generic images of other common metal stakes your landscaper may have installed in your own backyard. These also need protection:

Steel T-Posts

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