The Dangers of Using Metal Tree Stakes

metal tree stakes

We see Metal Tree Stakes in use every day, and are often oblivious to the dangers they may create. When replanting young trees, Metal Tree Stakes are frequently used to support the undeveloped trees until they have become established in their new environment. Read more

Steel T-Posts vs Metal Stakes What is the Difference

Steel T-Posts

Are Metal Stakes and Steel T-Posts the same thing?

While many people refer to Steel T-Posts simply as metal posts or steel stakes, there are many other variations of metal stakes and posts that are not necessarily T-Shaped but equally as dangerous. Of course, traditional Steel T-Posts are easily identified by looking at the stake from the top or end of the stake and observing the “T” shape. If you were to take the time to cut a Steel T-Post in half with a saw, or better yet cut a thin ¼” slice; the cross section of the piece you cut off the stake would look just like the letter “T”. Okay, I agree that’s far too much information to simply state the obvious! Read more

Sports Fields Use Stake-SAFE to Protect Athletes

Sports Fields

The apparent question is, do you need to protect metal stakes that are used near sports fields. The answer is so obvious that you would think that I am asking a rhetorical question! Well in fact I am. Every metal stake should be protected, especially those found on sports fields around the country. Read more


Home Landscaping Projects Freshen Up Your Yard

Home Landscaping

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your property is to undertake a home landscaping project. You can hire a professional landscaper if your budget allows or you can take on your home landscaping upgrades as a weekend project. Okay, maybe it will take several weekends depending on the size and scope of your project. In either case, you will likely be adding a few new trees to complement the existing greenery in your yard. We have a few suggestions to get you started. Read more

Texas No Trespassing Law Requires Purple Markings

no trespassing law

Many states have adopted a No Trespassing law that require property owners to mark their lot lines with the color purple. Stake-SAFE has developed a purple stake cover to address this problem. Below you will find the Texas statute. Other states that have adopted a similar no trespassing law including Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and North Carolina. Read more

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