Watering Small Trees | Try the 5 Gallon Root Seeker Watering System

watering small trees

When it comes to watering small trees, there is a fine balance between too much water, and not enough water. Over-saturating the ground to the point that it stays wet all the time can lead to disease. Conversely, if you let the ground dry out, the newly planted trees will starve, and most likely die off in the first season. The trick to watering small trees is to target the roots directly. The 5-gallon Root Seeker watering system seems to do the trick.

Benefits of the Bucket System for Watering Small Trees

Trees Become Stronger Faster: When you use the bucket watering system for watering small trees that you have just planted, the trees become stronger faster. Since the water is targeted directly at the root system, the trees thrive and mature rapidly. In most cases, your trees will be strong enough to stand on their own after just one single growing season.

Less Water Consumption: Again, since the Root Seeker Watering Bucket targets the root system directly, you will consume less water, while still providing adequate nutrition to for the tree. Simply fill the reservoir once a week for 7 days of continuous watering. Hopefully you will see a reduction in your monthly watering bill.

Outward Root Growth: The roots of newly planted trees seek out a water source. By strategically placing the root seeker stakes, that come with the kit, in a circle just beyond the root-ball, the roots will pursue the water. The result is a much stronger, wind resistant tree, at a very young age.

Easy to Install: The entire kit can be installed in minutes without the need of any specialty tools. In fact, you can install the watering system in about the same amount of time it will take you to install your Safe-Stake Tree Stakes.

Quick Tips for Watering Small Trees with the Root Seeker

Water Flows Downhill: The golden rule of plumbing is “water flows downhill.” So, if you are watering small trees that are planted on a slope, make sure you place the water bucket on the high side of the hill, above the base of the tree.

Create a Pilot Hole: If your soil is tough, you may need to make a pilot hole to avoid breaking the watering stakes. You can do this by driving in and removing a steel stake. Otherwise, you can loosen the soil with a shovel prior to installing the watering stakes.

If you don’t want to fork out the money for the watering system, you can make your own by drilling a few holes in the bottom of one of your Home Depot Buckets. It won’t be quite as efficient but should still reduce the amount of water loss through evaporation. For larger, trees use 2 buckets.

To learn more about the proper method for watering small trees, and how to safely cover your tree stakes, get in touch with the Stake Safe Team.