Recycling Christmas Trees | Best Ways to Dispose of Trees After Christmas

Recycling Christmas Trees

Recycling Christmas Trees after the holidays has become more and more popular in recent years. I’m not certain what families did with their trees in the past, but I don’t seem to recall anyone recycling Christmas trees in my neighborhood when I was growing up. It was more like the photo above with a Christmas tree stuck in the trash can and headed to the landfill. The world has become much more ergo-friendly now and recycling is the way to go. Read more


Killing Unwanted Trees | 5 Easy Ways to Kill Nuisance Trees

Killing Unwanted Trees

Killing unwanted trees can be more difficult than you may imagine. You may have a nuisance tree near your home or power lines that you want to remove. Simply lobbing it off at the base of the trunk may not be the best solution. Most tree species are very hardy and will find a way to survive despite your attempts to destroy them. At the very least, the root system may continue to live causing an additional headache. Read more

Removing Metal Tree Stakes | A Quick Trick for Pulling up Metal Stakes After Use

removing metal tree stakes

Have you ever struggled removing metal tree stakes once your trees have reached maturity? Okay maybe adolescence is a better term! At any rate, once your trees have stabilized and have survived a full growing season, the time is right for removing metal tree stakes. Been there, done that, it’s not fun. After driving the stakes deep into the soil with a sledge hammer, its all but impossible to remove them by hand. Unless of course your alias is “The Hulk” or “Thor” or perhaps you spend 4 hours a day at the gym. If none of these scenarios apply, not to worry. I came across this handy video entitled “How to Remove Metal Fence Posts or Tree Stakes.” The technique is so stupid simple it’s almost genius. Why didn’t I think of this myself? Read more


Avoid Planting Fast Growing Trees When Possible | Or Should You?

Avoid Planting Fast Growing Trees

Here’s a contradiction, today I am telling you to avoid planting fast growing trees when possible. Yet in a previous article I recommended several fast growing trees you could plant in your yard. I know what you are thinking “come-on man, make up your mind!” Ok, you caught me, but the truth of the matter, like everything else in the landscaping world, there are pros and cons to anything you plant. Read more


Watering Small Trees | Try the 5 Gallon Root Seeker Watering System

watering small trees

When it comes to watering small trees, there is a fine balance between too much water, and not enough water. Over-saturating the ground to the point that it stays wet all the time can lead to disease. Conversely, if you let the ground dry out, the newly planted trees will starve, and most likely die off in the first season. The trick to watering small trees is to target the roots directly. The 5-gallon Root Seeker watering system seems to do the trick. Read more

Chopping Down Christmas Trees | Tree Chopping Tips for the Novice

Chopping Down Christmas Trees

It snowed in California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado this week, so I guess it’s okay to start talking about chopping down Christmas Trees for the holidays. In fact, many families have a time-honored family tradition of chopping down Christmas Trees over the Thanksgiving holiday which is just around the corner. Hard to believe it’s here already. Read more

Top Three Christmas Trees | Most Popular Trees to Decorate

Top Three Christmas Trees

The Christmas Season is upon us once again and it’s time to start thinking about choosing the perfect tree to carry inside for the holidays. We have compiled a list of the top three Christmas Trees. These seem to be the most popular trees to decorate for the holidays. Here are a few tips to help you make the best decision about which one of the top three Christmas Trees is best suited for your home or office. Read more

Tree Watering Ring | Slow Release Watering Bags for Newly Planted Trees

Tree Watering Ring

One way to avoid transplant shock for your newly planted trees is to utilize a tree watering ring or a slow release watering bag. The image above demonstrates the tree watering ring in use in a garden bed in front of a new home. The medium brown color of the device neatly conceals the bag from the street-view when placed on a bed of bark mulch. Pile the bark up about 6 inches deep around the perimeter of the bag and it will all but disappear. Read more

Halloween Tree Decorations | Simple Ideas for Decorating Your Trees for Halloween

Halloween Tree Decorations Living Tree

If you enjoy Halloween as much as I do, you may want to hang up a few Halloween Tree Decorations in your front yard. With Halloween just a couple weeks away, this weekend is probably a good time to share some photos of several Halloween Tree Decorations that will make the task quick and easy. Take a peek at a few simple ideas I found on Amazon for my yard: Read more

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Protecting Existing Trees from Construction Damage by Installing Orange Safety Barriers

Protecting Existing Trees

When working on construction sites or home landscaping projects, consideration must be given to protecting existing trees. Preventing damage to exposed tree roots and trunk bark can be crucial to the trees ultimate survival. The best method for protecting existing trees from potential injury can be as simple as installing a well-marked barricade around the tree, or group of trees. Installing a bright orange safety barrier like the one in the photo can save the day. Read more